Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MY ATHIMBAR (Sri. S. Venkateswaran)
                                                                                           By- Mrs. Rama Venakataraman

            My relationship with my Athimbar is as old as my marriage – 38 long years.
His blessings for my 60th birthday
My husband Sri K. Venkataraman is the direct brother of his wife Smt. Lakshmi, whom we all call Lakshmi akka.
It is remarkable that in spite of his busy schedule he had been at our side at every occasion of our life both good and bad.
Now as the sea of condolence are pouring in, we find as a single person he has touched many, many lives.

His journey started from humble beginnings at Tirichur- Kerala. From their he moved to this big metropolis Bombay in the early years and had his college and higher education here. He then stayed here to live, merge and conquer this complex metropolis, with his essence permeating into layers and layers of human activity touching lives of illustrious and commoners alike.
It is beyond my scope to write or even fathom the numerous organizations and groups to which he reached out and gave his wise counsel to direct those institutions and help in turn the people associated in them. He rose preeminence in his profession and became a luminary in the legal field. His achievements in that field are  legion that he is known nationally and internationally. The awards and accolades he gathered speaks volumes of his incisive capacity to understand and analyze legal problems.
But he retained his human qualities all along and never lost sight of his near and dear ones in his meteoric climb.
He was present for our marriage in full gusto conducted at Bombay (by then his home ground) and also on the occasion of our second marriage – the 60tyh birthday( shashtiabdaporthy) conducted at Rajamundry and had a holy dip in Godavari. Also recently last year he attended the 60th birthday of mine conducted at Chennai.

He was present to bless me at the release of my different books. My book on Upanishads `Dramatic version of seven major Upanishads’ got the blessing of Sri Sankaracharya . thanks to the effort of my Athimbar. Whenever I met him he was interested and receptive to the Acupuncture treatments done by me.

His guardianship extended to the next generation of our unit too. He was there at Harvard USA when my elder son got his post graduation. And also to bless the marriages of both my sons, one at Chennai and another at Delhi.
He had even promised my daughter in law Prerna that he would be present for her passing out of MBA at HEC Paris.
But sadly his health had started taking a back seat. He almost challenged `yama’ in the last years of life. It was a struggle between his spirit and Physical body. He spirit was high till the last moment and his `chitha’ was clear.
But alas the glorious life has come to an end. The Luminary is no more with us. I am sure his spirit will continue to help us and direct our lives. All of who had got associated with this great soul in this life are indeed blessed. Let His soul rest in peace.

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